Why Tahoma Athletic Club?

Welcome to Tahoma Athletic Club, where everything we do stems from one simple belief: being fit is the best path to feeling good and enjoying life. We believe fitness is about more than looking good. It’s about having the energy to do the things you love and the strength to conquer life’s tasks. That’s why Tahoma Athletic Club is different. It’s why today, you won’t find our clubs full of nameless, faceless people running on treadmills, but rather friends and families making their fitness experience more than just a workout.

You will find all the latest cardio and strength equipment, as well as over 30 popular classes per week (Cyc Tahoma Athletic Club is know for the friendly, genuine relationships that are developed. People getting to know each other, working out and having fun as they get fit.

Every TAC member receives a complimentary consultation with a Certified Personal Trainer that includes a setting up a personalized exercise plan, weigh and measure, setting a S.M.A.R.T goal to deliver the best results. These appointments can be made by calling the club at 425-433-0303 or stop by the front desk.

Don’t let another excuse get in the way of a healthier you! Our expert staff is here to help you stay committed and reach fitness goals. Our beautiful club is the perfect place to kick those excuses to the curb.

Stop by the club today to find out your next step towards a fit and healthier you!
~Tahoma Athletic Club Management and Staff

We love our members!
The best fitness classes!
A fitness club for everyone!
A fitness club for everyone!