Personal Training

Whether your goal is to train for a specific event, rehab injuries, lose/gain weight, add muscle definition,  or simply optimize form and function our nationally accredited trainers provide next-level personalized care.  In addition to being expert coaches, our trainers are also expert listeners. There are no cookie cutter approaches here. TAC Personal Trainers have years of experience and understand everybody is unique and are passionate to help you receive your goals with a big emphasis on nutrition, strength training, and cardio.

Training Options At TAC

One on one training- Working one on one with a trainer allows you to focus on your unique health concerns such as diabetes, arthritis, low back pain, knee sensitivity, ect. Our trainers can help you with these issues by working with your physician, physical therapist or other health professionals to plan a safe effective program that will keep you on track a effective timely manner.

Partner Training – Work with a partner and by sharing the cost of a personal trainer save some $$ too. Meeting a friend at the gym for Personal Training makes it funner and holds you accountable to get there not just when training but on other days too making it easier to stick with it and increases your results.

Group Training – Training with like minded individuals, group training is not only cost effective it provides motivation but fun for developing a lifestyle that places a high priority on health and activity.

Find a trainer you like or stop by the front desk to ask for a recommendation. Every TAC members receives one FREE Personal Training Consultation.