Don’t let another excuse get in the way of a healthier you! Our expert staff is here to help you stay committed and reach fitness goals. Our beautiful club is the perfect place to kick those excuses to the curb.

Experience TAC

We hear it all the time, “You simply must experience TAC for yourself.” That’s why we offer a free 7 day trial membership to take a class and use our top of the line fitness equipment.  Complete this form and a TAC team staff member will contact you to schedule your visit.

TAC Maple Valley

Contact: Becky Duty, Manager Phone: 425.433.0303 Fax: 425.433.0163 E-mail: TahomaAthleticClub@comcast.net

Your journey begins now

Tac will use this information for the sole purpose of contacting you for club and membership information. TAC promises to not sell or disperse your information to anyone.

Tahoma Gym Membership

Want to join? Come by the club for a tour, call the club manager or submit the form to request an appointment!

Elite 12-Month Agreement

$39/month ($99 Enrollment, last month’s dues, 12-month minimum) (March: $25 Facilities Maintenance fee)

Student Membership (age 26 and under)

$25/month ($29 Enrollment, last month’s dues, 6-month minimum)
(March: $25 Facilities Maintenance fee)

Elite Prepaid Annual Membership

$468 ($99 Enrollment, 12 months + 1 month free) + $25 Facilities Maintenance fee

Elite Corporate Membership $29/month ($29 Enrollment, last month’s dues)
(March: $25 Facilities Maintenance fee)
(Must have at least 3 members from a local business)

Month Pass                                         $60

Day Pass                                              $15


Elite Month-to-Month Agreement

$46/month ($99 Enrollment, last month’s dues)
(March: $25 Facilities Maintenance fee)

Senior Membership (65+)

$29/month ($29 Enrollment, last month’s dues, 6-month minimum)
(March: $25 Facilities Maintenance Fee)

Elite Prepaid 6-Month Membership

$254 ($89 Enrollment, 6 months) + $25 Facilities Maintenance fee

Group Fitness Class Prices: 

Member Unlimited Classes: $25/month
Member Drop In $8
Member 10 class punchcard $50
Non-Member Drop In $18
Non-Member 10 class punchcard $150

Directions for class drop in and punchcards:

1.      Retail-Services-choose Barre, Cycle, Dance, Outdoor Attack or Strength-choose drop in or punchcard

2.      You can also purchase straight from the class that you sign them up for.

3.      The punchcards can be used for any type of class even if you are purchasing under just one class category.  (Ex. Dance can be used for cycle and vice versa, no need to buy separate class punchcards)