How can I get in shape and be healthy? Strength training, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, working with a personal trainer? At Tahoma Athletic Club, we provide the best Maple Valley has to offer, including all of these options as well as a strong sense of community, a place where friendships are made.We also know that “just a workout” may not be enough for you to reach your fitness and nutrition goals. We host many special programs that help keep you accountable and reach your goals.

We host an 8-9 week challenge for a nominal fee, every Summer and Fall/Winter, called Stay Even For The Season . For 8-9 weeks our trainers monitor food logs, give out nutrition advice, record weekly weight, and participants earn points for coming into the gym, taking classes, and more. This program has many positive reviews and success stories. A testimony from Ann Kennedy, who participated in our Summer’s Stay Even For The Season:

I decided that 2019 is the year to achieve my fitness and nutrition  goals and return to my ideal weight. I recommitted to regular workouts and closely monitoring my calorie intake. In March I set a personal weight loss goal and started recording weekly progress. By June I had lost 5 pounds, moved the needle, but not enough.

Tahoma Athletic Club (TAC) offered the Stay Even for the Season challenge starting in mid-June, led by  TAC’s personal trainer, Tracy King. I had previously joined that challenge during the holidays and was successful in not gaining during the tempting Thanksgiving to New Year’s season. This summer’s Stay Even added a new twist: join the challenge and pledge to use the MyFitnessPal App and log a daily food diary. It sounded a little daunting. I talked to Tracy, who gave me the encouragement to join the program, and walked me through setting my goals on My Fitness Pal. I set a 12-pound weight loss target for the 8-week program, not really believing that was achievable.  

My initial strategy was to stay within the daily calorie goal, which seemed reasonable. The total game changer for me was Tracy’s guidance on the quality of food and the balance of nutrition in my diet. It was watching the macros – the target percent of protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake – not just the total calories. By working to achieve daily macro goals I wasn’t hungry, had more energy, and was headed for a gradual, doable weight loss. 

This was truly a lesson in nutrition. Tracy monitored my diary and made welcome suggestions – how to increase protein earlier in the day, planning meals ahead, and great tips for eating while on vacation. I was starting to understand how macro balance worked and I felt great! There was no room for sugary drinks and snacks, but I didn’t miss them.

My weekly exercise was an important component. I logged gym workouts and walking to achieve my minimum 4-hour per week goal. I pledged my goals to my trainer, Kelly Smith, and my workout partners to amp up my accountability. They all supported me.

My Fitness Pal is now a happy habit. I feel great and my blood pressure is down. I’ve reached and maintained my weight loss goal, and I’m enjoying wearing a size small! Thank you Tracy, Kelly and TAC!!

Ann Kennedy


If you’re ready to make changes in your health or looking for a new gym, join Tahoma Athletic Club and let us help you every step of the way. Watch for our upcoming Stay Even Challenge coming in November. Visit us and see why Tahoma Athletic Club has been voted the Best of Maple Valley!

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