Benefits of Small Group Training By Tarah Huselton, TAC CPT

As kids, we played with our friends for fun. We ran, jumped, skipped, threw balls, climbed hills and rode bikes. That fun with friends is still available to you, its called Small Group Training! SGT has a variety of benefits for people of all levels of fitness.

Variety:  In a small group situation, the personal trainer can change up the workout at any time to adjust for injuries, and varying fitness levels. As the group progresses, the workouts evolve, preventing hitting a plateau and/or getting bored.

Camaraderie: Those who play/train together, stay together! Sharing a workout is a great way to build friendships and create a fun experience.

More affordable: While private training sessions provide the most personal attention, SGT offers the next best thing at a reduced rate for training.

Motivation: A little healthy competition is always a good thing. The accountability and friendly competition in SGT are not available to you in one on one training. The small group will help motivate you and hold you accountable. It’s much easier to call out on your trainer when you’re “not feeling it”, when you have 2-3 other people relying on you to complete the group, you are much more motivated to show up.

A common reason for quitting an exercise program is boredom. With SGT, the group, along with the trainer, will always keep the training evolving and challenging. The social aspect and consistent schedule help provide a fun environment for fitness.

Training with a structured purpose in a small group is beneficial for people with limited knowledge about safe and effective training. Warm-up, cool down, flexibility, in addition to conditioning are all aspects of training. Many people often exercise on their own and skip portions of the workout they know less about or don’t feel comfortable with. In SGT, the components of the workout, including the intensity are designed to improve cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness. The trainer will also educate and encourage on healthy recreation options outside the gym and training.

Small Group Training appeals to many people. Its available in a massive variety. Your group can train outside, focus on yoga, train for an event, do bootcamp style training, circuit training, run cycle, do TRX, challenge other groups, set a group weight loss goal, or a combination of all of it!!

Regardless of your current fitness level, SGT is for you! The most important thing is to move your body, SGT offers an outlet for you to do this with your friends, just like we did when we were kids! Thing of it as adult recess..!:)

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