Physical Therapy

Tahoma Athletic Club is excited to announce its newest offering for physical therapy services provided by Dr. Reilly Retz.  With this new service, we are committed to helping our members recover from injuries, reduce pain to get back to what they love.

When was the last time a healthcare provider told you to avoid *insert your favorite activity* because of your back pain?

That you have back pain because of degeneration and “wear and tear” in your spine?  Or maybe even to keep your back straight and avoid bending or twisting when you are lifting to avoid injury?

If this sounds familiar, this is for you.

Come hang out on Saturday, January 13th for a FREE workshop!

We’ll go over the truth about back pain, optimal management strategies, and how you can take control of your pain to discover confidence in yourself and your body again.

Come ready to learn, participate, and move!