By Tracy King, AFFA Nationally Certified Trainer

During the course of my life I can say for certain that I was at the very least, a very active individual. Beginning at a young age I was involved with competitive gymnastics and immediately fell in love with not only the sport itself but also the level of strength, mental tenacity, flexibility and overall balance required to be  successful in the sport but also in my life. As an adult, I believe even more that all of these characteristics hold true to every individual no matter what their lifestyle is.

When I began college, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in active living which lead me to getting a BA in Therapeutic Recreation. I taught exercises at the college, studied anatomy and the general functions of fitness. As an instructor, it was clear to me that people were drawn to having someone encourage them in fitness and hold them accountable for setting and working towards goals. Eventually I began working with the Recreation program for a retirement living company and worked with residents during pre and post surgeries focusing on fall prevention and overall functional living skills. The concept of well rounded fitness became more relevant to me as I began to understand the importance of regular exercise from early on in life. I was caring for seniors who had seldom exercised before and were now paying the consequence with falls, fractures and long recoveries.

Ultimately, I decided that this was my reason for becoming a Personal Trainer. I loved working with Seniors and the retirement home but I wanted to make a difference sooner in the lives of others. Being able to educate and motivate people at a younger age seemed like a no brainer. I wanted to address the real benefits of fitness before it was too late. I have been a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer for 9 years and working with many demographics. Fitness is not a one size fits all mentality. I have worked with teenagers, mid-life women, seniors of all levels including individuals who want to take their fitness to the next level and those who just need to start from the beginning. I have helped my clients lose weight, learn consistency, rehabilitate after surgery and most importantly, be accountable to their goals and fitness needs. The rewards that come from helping someone reach their goals and set new ones is indescribable. Encouraging my clients to overcome obstacles and continue their journey is key. Everyone is going to have obstacles in life whether it be fitness, work, parenting, marriage… life. I truly believe that the values I learned early on as a child athlete; strength, mental tenacity, flexibility and overall balance, have made me who I am today and I relish in the chance to bring those values to my clients in fitness and in their daily lives.